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About Hope Inn Christ

For many young men leaving the confines of any Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) facility, there is little hope for a promising future. At Hope Inn Christ, a 5400 square foot home on 17 acres located 12 miles west of Denton, Texas, hope is renewed through the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our passion in this ministry is to break the cycle of violence and abuse, and let God’s love transform their lives.  Our mission is to bring these young men to a Christian environment and prepare them for life as a productive member of society.  And, you can help.

Please support this ministry by giving generously through your prayer, time, or financial support.

The Home
How did we get started?
Hope Inn Christ has been founded by individuals who are volunteers at the Gainsville TYC unit. Many of these youth have no place to go when they are released at 19 years of age. This is when Hope Inn Christ will step in to guide and direct these youth who are committed to living Christian lives.
The Program
Our program is solely for those young men who want to change their lives and live for Christ. They will be selected from young men that have filled out an application to be a part of our program. They must be willing to attend bible study and prayer groups in the home and a church of their choice. Youth will not be allowed to work the first month, spending this time becoming grounded in the Bible and committed to prayer at our aftercare home. During this time they will be be taught how to apply and interview for jobs, learn new life skills, budget their finances and discover foundational Bible truths while in residency at our home. Each resident will be required to tithe, put money in savings each month and pay a monthly service fee covering the expenses of their room, food, transportation, etc. This fee will not exceed $125.00 per week.

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